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To ensure your mortgage application is on the right track, obtaining a copy of your credit report is a crucial first step. Lenders rely on this document to gauge your reliability in managing borrowed funds and promptly repaying them. If you find the contents of your credit report confusing, fret not – we offer complimentary assistance with no strings attached. Our team of professionals will gladly clarify it for you and provide expert guidance on your prospects for securing a mortgage.

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In the United Kingdom, three prominent companies can furnish you with a comprehensive credit report, illuminating your credit management and payment history:

  1. Checkmyfile
  2. Experian
  3. Equifax

Are concerns about your credit score weighing on your mind regarding your mortgage eligibility? Are you curious about the contents of a credit report?

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  • Jody

    Verified customer

    YES FS are amazing!! They provided expert guidance and secured the best mortgage deal for me, despite my challenging credit history. Their team's dedication and clear communication made the process smooth and stress-free. Highly recommended!

  • Patricia Ajayi

    Verified customer

    Yes Financial is a very reliable company. The staff are friendly and honest. They always put the customers first. They did not give up on me since I approached them for mortgage until I became a homeowner.

  • Sam Yeboah

    Verified customer

    Yes financial were so helpful, they got me my first property after being denied many times elsewhere due to my poor credit score. I recommend to everyone.

  • J

    Verified customer

    Excellent service. Due to my circumstances I wasn't sure it would have been possible, yet from the very start - the team from Yes Financial Services delivered. There were hurdles along the way but it was clear that I wasn't alone to overcome them. Maximum support from each and everyone from Yes Financial.

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